The price of a forklift cannot determine the quality of a forklift, and the quality is related to the production process and craftsmanship. So how to choose the forklift that suits you? The following 7 questions teach you.

  • one. Choose electric forklift or internal combustion forklift

Although internal combustion forklifts currently powered by diesel are still the overlord of the forklift market, the main reason is that internal combustion forklifts are more powerful than electric forklifts in terms of power. However, if you want to consider environmental issues such as exhaust emissions and noise, it is better to choose an electric forklift. In addition, in terms of manufacturing costs, the price of electric forklifts of the same tonnage is higher than that of internal combustion forklifts. Therefore, the key to choosing an electric forklift or an internal combustion forklift depends on the operating conditions and purchase cost.

  • two. How to choose a tonnage forklift

The weight of the goods and the number of pallets handled at a time determine the load capacity of the forklift. In addition, the handling capacity and quantity of forklifts should be determined according to the daily throughput of the work area. Generally speaking, in wharfs, ports, coal mines, steel smelting and other industries with heavy cargo, large-tonnage forklifts are selected. Forklifts of 3-3.5 tons are often used in industries such as workshops, warehouses, stone materials, and logistics for handling lighter goods.

  • three. Choose Pneumatic or Solid Tires

The ground condition of the operation determines the tire type of the forklift used. If the ground condition is too poor, there are a lot of gravel, glass slag, and steel nails, choose solid tires. Another example is the forklift working in the cold storage, because the ground is wet and slippery, so it needs to be equipped with patterned polyurethane tires.

  • Four. How to choose the length of the fork

The type and size of the pallet determines the size of the fork, and the fork length of the commonly used pallet truck is 1150mm. Of course, for some special-shaped goods, it is necessary to choose accessories, such as paper roll handling, which needs to be equipped with paper roll clamps, etc.
  • five. How high is the door frame

Generally, it is determined according to the height of the industrial door, whether it needs to enter the box or operate on the 2nd floor. Vehicles that enter the box usually choose light and convenient pallet trucks.

  • six. Is it possible to buy a car elsewhere

New forklifts can only be purchased at the local service outlets, while second-hand forklifts have no such restrictions and can be purchased across cities and provinces.

  • seven. which brand to choose

Which brand of forklift to choose, you need to consider the brand’s product quality, reputation, influence, after-sales guarantee, service capabilities, etc. You can browse and compare through the official website, related forklift websites, media articles, etc.

The above 7 points, I hope they can give a reference to the bosses who are considering buying or leasing forklifts.