In the inspection and repair of electric stacker walking faults, the faults of the running circuit are manifested as the phenomenon of non-traveling, and the faults of non-traveling should focus on three aspects: the operating circuit, the control circuit and the main circuit. The operation circuit is mainly to solve the problem of whether the reversing contactor can pull in, the control circuit is mainly to solve the control signal of whether there is a thyristor; the main circuit is to solve the problem of whether the running motor can be powered Fault.reach battery forklift

Check the operation circuit failure of the electric stacker. The operating circuit mainly includes power switch, seat or handle switch, brake switch, start switch, contactor coil, etc. When checking, it is first necessary to judge whether there is a closing sound of the contactor. If there is a closing sound, it means that the operating circuit is working normally. If there is no closing sound, it means that the operating circuit is faulty. When there is a fault in the operating circuit, first check whether the control insurance is blown, and whether the seat or handle switch is completely closed. Some vehicles cannot be closed after a long period of use, which will make the entire vehicle unable to start. After confirming that the seat or handle switch is connected reliably, turn the direction switch to another direction for test drive. If there is a pull-in sound, it means that the contactor coil is faulty or the direction switch is not in good contact. If there is still no pull-in sound, it means that it is not a problem with the contactor coil. You should check whether the brake switch is closed, whether the start switch and the power switch are in contact. good. If there is no fault in the above parts, it may be that the internal fault of the control circuit board causes the circuit of the contactor coil to be disconnected, and the contactor cannot be energized. If it is a failure of the control circuit board, it is generally repaired by the manufacturer.

Electric stacker control circuit fault inspection. When the operating circuit is not faulty, if the vehicle still cannot drive, check the control circuit. The inspection of the control circuit should focus on checking whether there are control pulses of the three thyristors VS1, VS2, and VS3. When checking, check with the three pulse output terminals of the control circuit board as the boundary, and use the DC voltage block of the multimeter to check whether there is a voltage signal at the output terminal. If there is a signal, it means that the internal circuit is normal, then you should further check whether the external circuit is desoldered or loose; if there is no signal or the signal is too weak, the internal circuit is faulty, and you can only replace the control board. If the control pulse is normal, you should check Whether the accelerator has a signal output, or whether the interface between the accelerator and the control board is well connected.reach batttery forklift

Electric stacker owner circuit inspection. In the case of ensuring that the first two groups of circuits are not faulty, the main circuit should be checked when the car is still not running. The main circuit inspection should first check whether the main insurance is blown, and then focus on checking whether the three thyristors are damaged or whether the capacitor C is damaged, whether the contacts of the contactor are ablated or have mechanical stagnation; whether the freewheeling diodes VD1 and VD2 are damaged Good: Whether the wiring of the motor is reliable, etc. In addition, the governor is also equipped with some sensors. When these sensors fail, for the protection of the governor, the governor will cut off the output and cannot drive. Therefore, in the case of checking that the above circuits are not faulty, you should also check whether the temperature sensor, current sensor, etc. are working normally. Furthermore, since the governor is equipped with a temperature protection device, when the temperature of the governor is too high, the governor will also cut off the output and cannot drive the car. When the temperature drops, restart the vehicle, such as in a short period of time, or just If the temperature protection occurs when the vehicle is started, check whether the temperature sensor or the temperature measuring circuit is faulty.

Electric stacker full speed circuit inspection. When the vehicle cannot run at full speed, first check whether there is a short circuit or open circuit in the coil of the full speed contactor, and whether the contacts of the contactor can be closed. In the case of checking that the full-speed contactor is working normally, check whether the accelerator can output the maximum value specified in the manual. If the maximum value cannot be reached, the microprocessor will not send an on command to the full-speed contactor coil. If the output signal of the accelerator is normal, the cause of the failure lies in the circuit of the control board, and the control board should be replaced at this time.