1. Decomposition of electric forklift cylinder:
(1) Decomposition of the lifting (plunger) cylinder. The method of decomposing the plunger cylinder is: pull out the plunger and place it at a designated place to prevent collision and scratch; take out the spring retaining ring and sleeve with the circlip pliers, and with the cylinder mouth upward, vibrate the cylinder body longitudinally to shrink the guide sleeve In the cylinder, take out the three-lobed key, take out the guide sleeve with a special tool, then take out the O-ring from the outside of the guide sleeve, and take out the shaft seal ring and dust-proof ring from the hole;
(2) How does the electric forklift manufacturer decompose the piston double-acting cylinder. Use circlip pliers to take out the retaining ring and sleeve, put the guide sleeve base into the cylinder, and take out the three-lobed key; pull the piston rod, guide sleeve and piston out of the cylinder together, and use circlip pliers to remove the spring retaining ring for the shaft , Pry off the card keycap, take out the two half keys, take off the piston and two sealing rings, take off the guide sleeve, and take out the sealing ring, dust-proof ring and other parts from the sleeve.
2. Inspection after the electric forklift cylinder is disassembled. After disassembly, wash, dry and inspect:
(1) Inspection of the piston cylinder: Check the cylinder for wear, grooves, scratches and rust; check whether the welds are cracked, whether the cylinder body is bent and deformed, and check whether the piston is bent; check the piston Whether there are surface defects, such as grooves, scratches, rust and wear, check whether the piston rod thread is damaged, if damaged, it must be repaired, and if it is seriously damaged (such as damage exceeding 2 buttons), it should be replaced; for sealing rings, support rings, dustproof Check whether the outer or inner edge of the ring is deformed or damaged, and carefully inspect all sealing rings for aging and signs of damage.

(2) Inspection of the column cylinder by the electric forklift manufacturer. Check whether the cylinder body is curved, whether the seam is open, whether it is bent, and whether the surface is defective; whether the sealing ring and dust-proof ring are aging or damaged, and whether there are traces of friction on the sliding surface.
3. Assembly of electric forklift cylinder. All assemblies should be acceptable and generally all seals should be replaced.
(1) Assembly of electric forklift cylinder lifting plunger cylinder. First clean all parts, heat the shaft sealing ring and dust-proof ring with boiling water until it feels soft and fit them into the guide sleeve. The direction should be correct (the opening of the sealing ring faces the cylinder), and then install the O-ring. Install the guide ring (key) into the keyway of the cylinder block. After the guide sleeve is inserted into the cylinder body, magnetize it until the three-lobed keyway is exposed; take out the guide ring, install the three-lobed key, and use the guide sleeve puller of the lifting cylinder to pull the guide sleeve Pull it to the proper position; take out the puller of the guide sleeve, install the sleeve and the spring retaining ring, apply a little lubricating oil on the surface of the cleaned plunger rod, and then install it into the cylinder body.
(2) Assembly of double-acting cylinders for electric forklift cylinders. Assembly of the double-acting piston cylinder: clean all parts, put the shaft seal ring heated with boiling water into the guide sleeve, and then install the dust-proof ring and O-ring. Install the supporting ring, two back-up rings and two sealing rings for holes on the piston, the direction should be correct (the opening of the Y-shaped sealing ring should face both ends), install the O-ring on the piston rod, and then insert it into the guide sleeve ( Pay attention to the direction), then install the piston on the piston rod, and install the two snap keys, snap key caps and spring retaining rings for the shaft. The electric forklift manufacturer installs the guide ring of the oil cylinder in the three-lobe keyway, and the magnetic guide sleeve in the cylinder. Take out the guide ring, install the three-lobe key, pull the piston rod to restore the guide sleeve to contact with the three-lobe key, and install the sleeve. Spring retaining ring for shaft.