For the failure of the oil pump of the electric forklift, first we overhaul the oil pump circuit. The electric forklift manufacturer reminds that because the oil pump circuit is not controlled by the governor control board, the contactor coil is directly controlled by the oil pump switch, so the oil circuit failure will only appear in the external circuit. . The failure of the oil circuit is mainly manifested by the failure of the oil pump motor to operate normally. When checking, first check whether the seat or handle switch is closed; Phenomenon. Check whether the two windings of the motor are short-circuited, open-circuited, and whether the brushes are in good contact.

reach truckWhat is the reason for the electric forklift to not turn? Electric forklift manufacturers first repair the steering circuit fault. Since the steering circuit contactor is controlled by the governor control board, the steering circuit fault can be divided into internal circuit faults and external circuit faults. When checking, check the external circuit first, and determine whether the internal circuit is faulty on the basis of troubleshooting the external circuit. When checking the steering circuit fault, first check whether the seat or handle switch is closed, and whether the steering insurance is burnt out; then check whether the contactor coil is short-circuited or open-circuited, whether the contactor contacts can be closed or there is mechanical stagnation, the two motors Whether there is a short circuit or open circuit in each winding, and whether the brush contact is good. If the external circuits work normally, it is the internal failure of the control board, and the control board should be replaced.reach truck

The reasons for the failure of electric forklifts should vary from car to car. Electric forklifts produced by different electric forklift manufacturers will have different circuit systems. Some oil pumps and steering are independent of the walking circuit and controller, so independent maintenance is required. And some are the same controller for walking and steering, which needs to be professionally screened and then overhauled.