When we use the all-electric pallet truck, we occasionally encounter some failures. When we encounter such problems, we should analyze the reasons and solve the problems so that we can use them normally.
What we want to talk about today is the common faults that exist in all electric pallet trucks:
First, in use, the speed of the driving wheel suddenly decreases because of:
(1) The battery voltage is too low or the joint resistance is too high
(2) The drive head gearbox and connecting bearings lack lubricating oil.
1. Check the load voltage and clean the connector.
2. Check the lubricating oil, it is best to clean and refill with new lubricating oil.
Second, the brakes of the all-electric pallet truck fail. In general, this situation is quite serious and may directly affect security, so we must pay attention. reason:
(1) The brake is loose or falls off, or the gap between the brake pads is too large Solution: Reinstall the brake and adjust it.
(2) There may be a short circuit inside the disc coil of the brake. Solution: Replace with a new disc coil.
(3) The voltage is too low, resulting in poor braking effect Solution: charging
(4) The brake pads are worn. It is recommended to replace the brake pads.
Three, when lifting heavy objects, the reasons are caused by weakness or inability to lift:
(1) The hydraulic transmission system pipeline leaks oil. Solution: Find the leaking pipe and dispose of it properly. recommended replacement
(2) The rotation speed of the motor of the hydraulic pump is too low Solution: Check the lower drive motor and solve it.
(3) The parts of the pump body are worn too much. The solution is to replace the gears of the parts.
(4) The oil temperature of the hydraulic oil is too high. The solution is to try not to use electric pallet trucks in high temperature environments.
(5) There is a problem of jamming on the mast. Turn off the engine and do a good job of checking. Loading, please wait…..