The basic operation of the electric pallet truck is the lifting and lowering of the fork, and the forward and backward of the car. First of all, look at the lifting and lowering. The lifting height of the fork of the battery truck is generally 200 MM. This height is just enough to fork the pallet and lift it off the ground, keeping a distance from the ground, just enough to walk freely. There are specifications for the use of electric pallet trucks and pallets. Generally, there are two specifications for the car: the width is 685MM, the fork length is about 1200, and the general pallet size is 1200*1200mm; the narrow one is 550MM. The fork length is 1100MM, and the applicable pallet is 1000*1000.

afukoforklift reminds pallets to use nine-leg or Chuan-shaped pallets. Double-sided Tian-shaped pallets cannot be used. Even if the fork of the battery truck can pass through the jack of the double-sided pallet, it cannot be lifted. This is an obstacle.

The use of electric pallet handling forklifts should pay attention to the function of each button. There is an emergency power-off button on the car body, also called an emergency stop button. On the handle is the fork lifting button and the forward and backward knob. Pay attention when turning the knob, don’t turn it sharply to accelerate, try to turn it slowly, and it will be much easier to drive after you are proficient. The tortoise and hare regulator is installed on the handle, and the speed of the tortoise and the speed of the rabbit can be freely converted. When the gear is adjusted to turtle speed, the speed of the battery truck will be limited, and it will not be too fast when accelerating. Suitable for use in tight spaces. When adjusted to rabbit speed, it is suitable for use in wide areas with few people, and suitable for long-distance driving.
drive and operation


1. Plug in the battery.

2. Turn on the emergency power off switch.

3. Turn on the key switch.

go ahead

1. Use both hands to push down the joystick to between 0°-90°.

2. Turn the direction speed control button forward gradually with the thumb,

3. The vehicle runs ahead, and the speed is controlled by the rotation angle of the direction speed control button.


1. Press the joystick back to between 0°-90° with both hands.

2. Slowly turn the direction speed control button backwards with the thumb.

3. The vehicle runs backwards.

slow down

1. Slowly release the thumb, the direction and speed control button will automatically return to its position, and the vehicle speed will decrease.

turn to

2. Hold the left and right handles of the joystick with both hands, press down to the inclined position, and move the joystick left and right to realize the steering of the vehicle.

3. When turning left, the vehicle turns left; when turning right, the vehicle turns right.