Product numberFBD10-16FBD10-24
load kg10001000
Load center distance mm500500
Maximum lifting height mm16002400
Body weight kg590685
Battery V/Ah24/8524/85
Charger V/A24/1524/15
Drive motor Kw1.51.5

Full Electric Pallet Stacker Product Details

  • 1. Narrow body design, compact body, humanized operating handle can be rotated 180 degrees, even in a narrow space, it can still be operated like a fish in water. Specially designed AC drive motor provides stronger power, 8% gradeability, and is suitable for platform operations. High-precision built-in side rollers and gantry rollers ensure smooth lifting and lowering. It has regenerative braking, reverse braking and multiple functions. Various parameter adjustable functions can make the motion performance of the whole vehicle reach the best state under different working conditions.

  • 2. Excellent cost performance and simple design make Full Electric Pallet Stacker FB-D stacker the king of cost performance.