Product numberFA10-16FA10-25
load kg10001000
Load center distance mm500500
Maximum lifting height mm16002500
Body weight kg18001840
Battery V/Ah24/21024/210
Charger V/A24/3024/30
Drive motor Kw1.51.5

Reach Turk Product Details 

  • 1. Accurate control technology for high speed limit curves, smart power-off brake and safety cut-off valve. It adopts aerospace technology enhanced type, mast, double damping shock absorption, safety and comfort go hand in hand with high efficiency and energy saving, bringing an excellent driving experience. Coupled with the world-class technology of vertical drive AC motor, more comprehensive power regeneration function, tailor-made mast tilt function, large-capacity battery and market-leading Curtiss intelligent control system, it can more effectively guarantee the work The efficiency has achieved the pinnacle of warehousing, logistics and transportation.

  • 2. The petite and flexible vehicle body, flexible steering and excellent cost performance fully reflect the top status of Reach battery forklift FA series electric forklifts.