Product numberFBB10-16FBB10-25
load kg10001000
Load center distance mm500500
Maximum lifting height mm16002500
Body weight kg17001755
Battery V/Ah24/21024/210
Charger V/A24/3024/30
Drive motor Kw1.51.5

Product Details

  • 1. Equipped with a vertical drive AC motor and balanced weight design, it is perfectly suitable for various types of pallets; the lightweight and legless design allows the body to be loaded and unloaded close to the shelf, making the operation flexible and convenient; suitable for single-person operation , which greatly reduces working time and reduces waste, thereby greatly increasing work efficiency; the high-strength body of aerospace technology can meet various needs, and the flawless application rate makes it shine in electric forklifts.

  • 2. The sealing components imported from Germany are of high quality, reliability, long service life, and the sealing effect is greatly enhanced; the tiller designed according to the principles of ergonomics is easy to operate, safe and flexible; the precise intelligent control system meets different working conditions; It complies with ANSI/ASME safety standards and CE standards, providing users with safe and powerful protection.