Product numberFBC15-25FBC15-30
load kg15002000
Load center distance mm500500
Maximum lifting height mm25003000
Body weight kg730750
Battery V/Ah24/21024/210
Charger V/A24/3024/30
Drive motor Kw1.51.5

Product Details

  • 1. The AC drive system uses the whole vehicle to respond more quickly, control more precisely, run more smoothly, and battery life is longer. Specially designed AC drive motor provides stronger power, 8% gradeability, suitable for platform operations. The world-class hydraulic station, low noise, small vibration, good sealing performance, imported brand intelligent control system, can make the motion performance of the whole vehicle reach the best state under different working conditions. The high-precision built-in side roller mast roller ensures smooth lifting and lowering. The maximum distance design between the driving wheel and the universal wheel improves the stability of the vehicle.

  • 2. The ergonomically designed handle head is beautiful and simple, and all operating functions can be easily realized with simple buttons on the handle. It is convenient for left and right hands to operate and improves driving comfort. Slow speed mode function, the driving speed will be automatically reduced by lightly pressing the turtle speed button, which is convenient for precise operation in a narrow space. The optional side-pull battery design is convenient for dianp battery replacement.

  • 3. Emergency reverse driving function. During the backward driving process, once the operator touches an object behind his back, the operator will naturally react with his body to hit the reverse button of the handle, and the car will immediately drive in the reverse direction in an emergency to prevent the operator from being injured. The anti-skid brake function prevents the car from sliding down when it is out of control or driving on a slope. The emergency power off switch comes as a standard configuration, just press the emergency stop button to cut off all power, and the car stops immediately.