Product numberFC10-16FC20-24
load kg10002000
Load center distance mm450450
Maximum lifting height mm16002400
Body weight kg313524
Battery V/Ah12/12012/120
Charger V/A12/1512/15
Drive motor Kw1.61.6

Semi Electric Stacker Product Details

  • 1. The frame structure is strong and durable, which ensures that the forks can easily handle heavy goods. The power meter displays the power usage at any time, which is convenient for notifying the operator to recharge at the right time. The battery size and capacity can be selected in a wide range, which is convenient for users to choose according to actual needs. The design of the handle head is ergonomic, comfortable and convenient to operate, and the position of the control button is designed scientifically, which is convenient for left and right hands to operate. An electronic limit switch is installed on the mast to accurately control the maximum lifting height of the mast to prevent damage to the hoisting motor. The mast structure is strong and durable, ensuring stable and safe lifting and lowering of cargo. A safety net is installed on the mast to protect the operator from accidental injury.

  • 2. Economical and practical, Semi Electric Stacker FC series forklifts have become the king in the field of semi-electric stacking