Product numberFK15-30FK20-30
load kg15002000
Load center distance mm500500
Maximum lifting height mm30003000
Body weight kg30003940
Battery V/Ah48/44048/630
Charger V/A48/5048/70
Drive motor Kw5.08.0

Product Details

  • 1. The king of compact self-balancing vehicles, with a small turning radius, light and flexible operation, and easy to operate in a small space. The imported intelligent control system and high-level battery can realize complete control, protection and higher efficiency of the excitation motor. It has automatic anti-slip function on slopes, current prevention function, adjustable maximum speed limit function and battery low voltage protection function. Full hydraulic power steering, steering wheel and seat can adjust the angle and relative position front and rear, to meet the driver’s individual requirements to the greatest extent.

  • 2. Counterbalanced battery forklift the settings of various control handles are optimized according to the requirements of ergonomics to reduce labor intensity. The frame of the box-shaped structure has good rigidity, the center of gravity of the whole machine is low, and the appropriate distance between the vehicle and the wheel makes the vehicle have a good performance. Longitudinal and lateral stability.

  • 3. Counterbalanced battery forklift the wide-view gantry allows the driver to have a wide viewing angle, which is very suitable for cargo loading and unloading, stacking and short-distance transportation in warehouses and factory workshops.