Product numberFKA10-30FKA15-30
load kg10001500
Load center distance mm500500
Maximum lifting height mm30003000
Body weight kg19502170
Battery V/Ah24/36024/480
Charger V/A24/4024/50
Drive motor Kw2.82.8

Product Details

  • 1. Elegant large arc streamlined surface shape, dynamic and streamlined appearance. Walking between stacking height and horizontal handling, it is a strong player in the field of comprehensive performance ratio.

  • 2. The battery is placed at the bottom of the frame, which has excellent stability. The joystick designed according to ergonomics is moved to the vicinity of the seat for more comfortable operation. The new combined integrated instrument has complete functions, intuitive reading, clear at a glance, and adopts optimized design and wide field of vision. The door frame is not easy to block the operator’s sight, and the opening size of the fork frame is enlarged, and the field of vision is wider.

  • 3. Forklift battery the rear wheels are independently driven by dual motors, and the driving wheels can be turned forward and reverse independently, with high mobility and comfortable and free steering in a small space. The non-shock lifting system enables a quiet, shock-free lowering of the cargo. The seat can be adjusted forward and backward, and the operator can choose the best driving position. The main electrical components such as motor controller, contact head, power plug, emergency power-off switch and so on adopt international famous brand products.

  • 4. The emergency power off switch is a standard configuration, which complies with the European safety mark. The stable and reliable overload protection device guarantees the safety of the operator to the greatest extent. Among the 24V electric forklifts, the three-point balance forklift battery is undoubtedly the overlord in performance.