1.  Before driving the electric forklift, the driver should first inspect and clean up the site and passages to make it suitable for forklift operation and driving;
    2.  The forklift manufacturer stipulates that when starting, the emergency switch should be turned on, the electric lock should be turned on, the forklift manufacturer should then set the position of the direction switch, sound the horn, and then start slowly and gradually accelerate. It is forbidden to quickly step down the speed control pedal to start. In case the starting current is too large and burns out the motor;
    3. When driving, speed up gradually, and low-speed driving for a long time is not allowed; when passing or giving way, an empty car should give way to a heavy car;
    4. 4It is strictly forbidden to turn the direction switch while driving, and only after the car stops steadily can the direction switch be turned to change direction. Avoid sudden braking as much as possible. In case of emergency, quickly pull down the knife switch, step on the brake pedal, and stop immediately;
    5. Electric forklifts should honk their horns when starting and turning. When turning, going downhill, on uneven roads or passing through narrow passages, slow down and pay attention to safety;
    6. When driving on the road, pass on the right side, the fork lift of the forklift should be about 100mm~200mm from the ground, and the mast should be in the backward position; when two vehicles are driving in the same direction, the distance between the front and rear should be more than 2m
    7. When multiple forklifts (tractors) are driving on the platform, the front-to-back distance should be more than 5m, and it is strictly forbidden to parallel when they are in the same direction on a narrow platform, and the distance from the edge of the platform should be more than 0.3m;
    8. When a forklift or tractor is towing a trailer, the forklift manufacturer prohibits continuous curve driving to avoid high current discharge and affect safety; regardless of full load, no load, uphill, downhill, etc., it is strictly forbidden to drive in reverse; when turning, slow down , so as not to scatter the goods, and at the same time, pay attention to the inner wheel difference to prevent the trailer from scratching the inside or driving out of the road;
    9. The loading height of the electric forklift trailer shall not exceed 15m from the vehicle floor, and the width of both sides shall not exceed 200mm from the edge of the trailer; the tractor shall not turn when driving on a slope of more than 10%, and it is strictly forbidden to drive on a slope of more than 5%;
    10. Under normal circumstances, the travel motor of the battery forklift and the motor of the oil pump are prohibited from working at the same time to prolong the service life of the battery;
    11. When the working voltage is lower than the minimum limit voltage of the vehicle, stop working and charge in time;
    12. If any abnormal phenomenon is found during driving, it should be stopped immediately for inspection, and the fault should be eliminated in time; it is forbidden to carry people on forks and trailers; it is strictly forbidden to drive with faults.

Work after the electric forklift stops

  • After the machine is used, the whole car should be cleaned in time, and parked in a suitable place, pay attention to antifreeze, sun and rain;
  • Turn off the electric lock, pull down the emergency switch, put the reversing switch and light switch in the “O” position, put the fork on the ground, retract the piston rods of each oil cylinder into the oil cylinder, and pull on the hand brake;
  • Clean and check the battery, add distilled water, check and adjust the specific gravity of the electrolyte; check the battery voltage and charge it in time; when the battery voltage is lower than the minimum limit voltage, charge it immediately;
  •  Check whether there is any leakage in the oil pipes, joints, oil cylinders, distribution valves, oil tanks, etc. of the hydraulic system;
  •  Do a good job in the shift work of electric forklifts and complete the shift maintenance projects. Forklift manufacturers require that the maintenance of mechanical safety devices be done well to master their technical status.