The all-electric pallet truck has a solid chassis and can be used in harsh environments. The thickened plate-pressed fork and fork frame are specially designed to improve its durability. It is CNC cut and welded by a fully automatic welding machine. The welding spots are uniform and will not be welded. The battery compartment and the body frame of the all-electric pallet truck are welded into a complete unit, which ensures the stability of the load. All key parts have lubricated bearings for maintenance and increased service life. There is also a pressure relief valve for overload protection. Built-in sprung wheels ensure stability during travel. In the process of carrying goods by the all-electric pallet truck, in order to ensure stable transportation, spring wheels are installed inside the car body.
In terms of operating comfort, the all-electric pallet truck is equipped with an ergonomic operating handle. It is beneficial for the operator to better control the smooth operation of the truck. The operating lever is equipped with an emergency return button. If the operator cannot control the speed of the vehicle or has an accident, the operating handle is just at the position facing the operator’s chest. In an emergency, the operator can touch the direction button on the chest urgently, and the vehicle will Automatic reverse.

The all-electric pallet truck also has a turtle speed button, which can adjust the top speed of the car. When the turtle speed button is pressed, the vehicle will travel slower. Ideal for use in tight spaces.
The installation of the power system of the all-electric pallet truck ensures its service life. The power unit is installed in the middle, and the powerful gearbox ensures the life of the motor. In order to ensure the ventilation and heat dissipation of the external motor, the electric one is installed outside.
The controller of the all-electric pallet truck provides smooth, continuous acceleration and infinite variable speed control for the electric travel of the pallet truck, and provides good forklift operation commands during operation.
Electric pallet stacker manufacturers consider the compactness of lifting when manufacturing pallet trucks, and install the electronic pressure lifting pump in the lifting unit with hydraulic pressure, which not only reduces the noise of the truck, but also simplifies maintenance steps and reduces the load. The overall volume of the car is reduced.