With the development of science and technology, many machines have been invented to help people work. Internal combustion forklifts are used in many factories and workshops. Many goods need to be handled by internal combustion forklifts. It refers to forklifts that use diesel, gasoline or liquefied petroleum gas as fuel and are powered by engines. The load capacity is 0.5 tons – 45 tons. Generally divided into: counterbalanced internal combustion forklift, container forklift (front loader), side forklift. Next, I will introduce to you the reasons why the internal combustion forklift has a peculiar smell during operation.
Forklift battery smells: This condition is usually caused by electrolyte leakage or loss. Because this type of battery needs electrolyte to complete the storage and conversion of electrical energy, it will produce a pungent smell when the electrolyte leaks; at the same time, if the electrolyte is consumed too much or there is a loss, the forklift charger will charge the battery forcibly, causing the battery Overheating, white smoke, the smell will become more and more bad. If this problem is found, the electrolyte should be replenished in time to charge the battery.

The smell of plastic paste was found in the internal combustion forklift: it was mostly caused by the overheating of the wires. Because the plastic casing of the wire is thin, the smell is not very strong. However, when the wire is short-circuited, it is often accompanied by partial smoke or heat, which can easily lead to combustion and fire. Once the wire is found to be overheated, it must be stopped immediately to find out the cause. Although the smell of burning wires is not big, the risk index is very high. Under normal circumstances, the temperature of the wires will be relatively high in summer. If it is not discovered in time, it is easy to cause complete damage to the circuit, engine scuffing, and even the phenomenon of spontaneous combustion of the whole vehicle.

The internal combustion forklifts has a smell of rubber paste: this smell is easy to distinguish. To reveal this smell, first look at the belts, brake shoes and tires to see if the rubber in these parts is loose, slippery or overheated. If you find that the smell comes from the brakes or tires, stop immediately and wait for the heat to cool before driving.

The internal combustion forklift has a strong burning smell: If you smell the special smell of burning non-metallic materials during driving, it is usually caused by the clutch friction plate burning or overheating. This smell can also be mixed with a burnt smell, because clutch plates are made of materials such as rubber and asbestos. If the clutch is used normally, there is no obvious difficulty in shifting or starting, and there is a peculiar smell in the rear of the car, it is necessary to check whether the rear brake system is overheated. Some careless car owners drive forcibly while pulling the handbrake, which will lock the rear brake pads and cause a burnt smell.