Electric pallet truck is a kind of storage and logistics equipment powered by battery and motor as power source. It consists of batteries, motors, hydraulic pumps, cylinders, pistons and other components. Among them, the oil cylinder is a component that converts hydraulic energy into mechanical energy, which is very important for electric pallet trucks. Oil spills are a common problem with electric pallet trucks and cause problems for many forklift operators. However, the truck manufacturer tells everyone that you should not worry too much about the oil leakage of the electric truck, check it in time, find out the reason, and you can solve it smoothly.

Oil leakage may be caused by wear between the valve stem and valve body. If the distribution valve is always used intensively, or the oil used in it is not clean, it will increase the wear between the valve stem and the valve body. This may damage the mating sealing surface and cause oil leakage. If the wear is not serious, the chrome plating of the valve stem can be polished to prevent oil leakage again. If the wear is severe, we need to replace the parts. The reason for the oil leakage of the electric pallet truck may also be that the connection between the oil pipe and the oil cylinder pump station is not well sealed. At this time, you need to tighten the nut at the connection with a wrench. The truck manufacturer reminds everyone that excessive force must not be used during maintenance, otherwise the problem of slippery wires will easily occur.

The oil leakage of the electric pallet truck may also be related to the aging of the safety valve spring. After the spring of the safety valve is aged, the hydraulic oil will force the steel ball to leave the valve position and flow into the oil overflow channel under the pressure lower than the system regulation, resulting in oil leakage. In order to solve this

problem, it is necessary to replace the spring and adjust the coil spring pressure to the specified 14Mpa. If the valve stem of the multi-way reversing valve cannot be

reset, the groove will communicate with the oil passage, which will cause oil leakage. There are two possible reasons for this problem. One is that the return spring of the valve stem is deformed or damaged. At this time, only the spring needs to be replaced. The second is that the valve body and the valve stem are not clean, the resistance increases, and the valve stem is difficult to reset. The pallet truck manufacturer recommends cleaning the multi-way reversing valve to keep its interior clean.

Once the electric pallet truck has oil leakage, it will affect the normal operation and affect the work efficiency. When encountering this kind of problem, the forklift operator needs to calm down, investigate in time, find out the cause and solve the problem. Truck manufacturers recommend that drivers increase their knowledge reserves about electric trucks, so that they can quickly repair problems encountered.